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As a little girl, she was told that her tree did not look like a tree by her kindergarten teacher. When Nadia was told her interpretation of the world  was not acceptable, she avoided drawing until it was required in college for her Art History major


Drawing was the most challenging of her college classes - as it was the most confrontational. She struggled to accept that she saw the world differently than most, as being labeled different is challenging, particularly for a young person. Eventually, she learned to see her differences as assets, even realizing she should embrace the,  as they could provide an edge for her in her creative process.  

Nadia’s photography has always been the starting point for her paintings.

In 2022, after focusing on her photos for 10 years she has been playing with abstraction with her photography. This chapter of her photography exploration had started as an exercise in creating inspiration for her new painting chapter. For both cases, it's been an exercise in letting go- being more free with her art, and in her life.  This chapter is leaning into and exploring Abstraction.

She is enjoying discovering and developing a new voice through her pictures and paintings. Check out her photos on Instagram at And her photo website at


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